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Inplace™ Can Improve Your Quality Of Life


The problem with poor fitting dentures is that they never stay in place using messy and expensive adhesives. Constant denture movement causes pain and discomfort stopping you from eating the foods you love. Worrying about the embarrassment of dislodgment when doing something as simple as laughing is also an everyday concern.

InPlace™ Comprehensive Treatment Options provide patients with implant-retained overdentures, which have been recognized by dental clinicians across the globe as an ideal treatment option for edentulism. Millions of patients world-wide have discovered the life changing advantages implant-retained overdentures can offer.

Contact us today to see just how life changing and affordable implant-retained overdentures can be with InPlace™ Comprehensive Treatment Options or read more about how your current dentures are affecting your oral health and about the benefits of implant-retained overdentures at teethinplace.com.